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Career devoted to learning, communications, collaboration, information management, and semantics. I have taught and administered in schools, designed and managed adult training (including globally distributed learning) and e-learning, and implemented document management and content management taxonomy. I published the first comprehensive Briefing Book, including content and managed glossary, for a 2700-person IT organization, and set up a center of excellence for data quality at a Fortune 200 financial services company before I closed an Internal Audit of 13 medium- and high-risk findings and radically simplified the corporate policy and standards for data and information management. I speak French, Russian, and German, in that order of fluency, and at heart I am a teacher.


information management and semantics, education, risk management, lexicology, human-factor computing, visual thinking, translation, language(s), art and art theory, business logic, literature and literary theory, data management, 'cello, film, squash, gardening.